CS743: Simulation of Networks

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Course Outline and Outcomes

This course presents some models which are used to evaluate the performance of communication networks. The course consists of


A.E. Krzesinski


A set of course notes developed by the Computer Science Division of Stellenbosch University.


Your final course grade will be determined by the tutorial marks.

Note: You will spend much time implementing the algorithms we discuss in class. You will learn a lot about Bitcoin and the performance of the Bitcoin blockchain.


Week 1 C++ and object oriented programming, small programming exercises.
Week 2, 3 C++ programming, simulation techniques, the M/M/1 simulator, extend the M/M/1 simulator to M/M/X/Y/Z.
Week 4 The BITCOIN simulator, study the source code of the BITCOIN simulator. Study the blockchain protocol.
Week 5, 6 The BITCOIN simulator. Set up, perform and analyze small experiments.
Week 7 Dynamic programming and constrained non linear optimisation.
Week 8, 9 Models for NLP flow optimization in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs).


Custodian: AEK
Last updated: 14 February 2021
Lecturer: Prof. A.E. Krzesinski.
Internal moderator: Dr. T. Grobler.